ordinary people

Inside a box

Have you ever felt as though you live inside a box?

Squashed into a square tube forced to look through others tunnel vision?

Have you ever sat in conversation and spaced out only because the falseness around you is suffocating you?

Have you ever wished you could just be alone? Sitting on a deserted beach with the wind playing through your hair. No one around you just nature, the sound and smell of the sea?

Or in a forest surrounded by trees and chirping birds and other animal sounds.

Embraced by the honesty of nature.
Concrete jungle filled with your plastic people. Running to now where.
Why do I feel as though I’m the only one who see the uselessness of our days?

I look around me and all I see is people who don’t want my spirit to be free.
Who tell you what to think.
What to feel.
How to react.

You smile at people who seem to think your oblivious to what they don’t say.
You feel as though you want to call the winds name.
Call him and say
“Take me away. Don’t remind me of night and day. Take me away. Away from masks and insecurity. Away from power play. Just away.”

Just take me away. Away from politics, riots, murder, traffic, hustle of relationships that are full of lies……
Away from hate,
away from racism,
Away from this mad world spinning upside down………

Spaced out staring at people who are double faced,
These boring conversations comparing so called worldly knowledge.

Have you ever felt as though you live inside a box?

Squashed into a square tube forced to look through others tunnel vision?

Politics has become a way of life……

Mindless beings instead of individual thinkers…..

Stomping, shouting, fire starting animals.

Free thinking a thing of old.
Drifting in a sea of tiring traffic, stress, power hungry growling predators.

Seen through an imaginary looking glass.
We all live inside a box.
Not seeing all the pain,
Not seeing the starving,
Not seeing the unfairness,
Not seeing the beauty of different shades of skin color……..

Only feeling xenophobia fear…
Only seeing anger….
Only seeing who will win the race….

Not watching the boy at the back coloring the sky with music notes….
Or the girl praying for world peace….
Or the mother kneeling asking for food…..

Or the old giving to homeless youngsters…..

Do you live in a box?

The words Canvas


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