Love found & lost

a new year without you.

As I enter
A new year,
I feel so bleSsed
To have known
Someone who
touched everyone,

Your smile,
Wise words,
Loving hugs,
Your preSsence
Filled a room,
Your joyish
Sunfilled laughter,
Soothed my heart,

Now a new year,
Is about to start,
I feel the emptiness,
A life without you,
a year without mom’s,
New year wishes,

No text to say,
“I love you”
No call to say,
“I care”
As I rumble,
Through memories,

I find the beauty,
You left,
The love you shared,
My arms are empty,
My heart is aching,

This lonely aching,
I bear,
In darkness,
Your memory,
Is my light,
Your face
Deep, deep,
In my soul,

forever shall
I miss you,
As you sit above,
Watching, guiding,
Every Christmas,
Every new year,
Those small gifts
You gave,
When everything else,
Was falling down,

A queen’s crown,
A guiding angel,
Now dressed in
Golden gown,

This new
Year I enter,

The words Canvas


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