ordinary people

-read the pic- it says it all-

Why do some people think they have a right to make assumptions of your life? To judge, comment, gossip, spread rumors?

Because some of them probably are sorry for taking you for granted when they had a chance to be in your life. Because their lives don’t shout total freedom. Because their lives are empty. Or simply because when they talk about you the spotlight is taken off them for a while.

Maybe you where a doormat for so long they got use to stepping on you.
Once you stood up and fought your worth they saw your beauty and your glow and they missed their cute little doormat.

Today’s thought is simple……

Life’s circle is fair.
what is given to you will be fair.
Sometimes its not fair…….

But what you make out of it, is what counts…

Some of us are fighters, strong woman, vigilant in fighting for what we want.

Even when others prejudice remarks is meant to break you down,
You still manage to smile, rise and stand tall.

So today celebrate being a woman.
Celebrate being able to rise out of the ashes.
Celebrate being able to wear heels.
Celebrate being able to show what your made of.

Rise, shine, smile ……
Love even if you have been hurt.
Enjoy each day…

As it is given as a gift.

Don’t listen to judgmental remarks of those who’d love to see you fail.


The words Canvas


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