ordinary people

Being “real”, Being Me,

In life we tend to focus a lot on what other people’s ideas of “you” are..

You zone in to what society’s rules are,
You ignore the voice inside saying…
“you know this is not you”…
“you are not even really a nice person”
“you don’t really want to keep quiet and ignore what that person just said”
“you aren’t going to really forgive this are you?”
“”you don’t need to pretend to be all good and proper”

When you ignore this voice,
Push it away,
You ignore yourself,
The true you,

People around you tend to label you,
They tend to push ideas, ideals, rules,
What’s right, what’s wrong,
Don’t say this,
Don’t do that,

Smile, smile, !!!
Always be polite,
Never speak your mind,
Pretend to like everyone,
Be nice!!

They push all these rules on you,
Make you believe that these are the guide lines of who you should be.

You loose “you”…
You get frustrated,
Even sometimes smile while you feel like screaming or strangling someone.

After a while you find yourself putting on the same stupid mask everyday.

You find escape routes….
Being it alone time.
Being with friends (who really know you)
Some even go dancing, they get lost in the music….

Some even suffer of depression….

We even tend to find that we are alone, unhappy………

Alone cause everyone around us don’t see the real us.

We are a creation of society.
A blank cover.
A empty shell.

I discovered “me”.
And guess what.
Not everyone liked “me”.
Because I wasn’t being society’s creation anymore…

I was ……..

I was happy…….


I can actually smile from the inside…….
And honestly say….
It doesn’t matter who likes me or who doesn’t…..

cause those who matter don’t mind….

And those who mind don’t matter….

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