Love found & lost

Inoubliable mien

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*unforgettably mine*

Melliflously her
Memory touches me,
Images burned
In my broken heart,
Tearfully celebrating
Her resilient happiness,

With death her
Love did not depart,
Keeping floating
A montage of metaphors,
Always alive in
My heart,

Kindly kissing
My scraped knee,
Always happy to see,
My face filled with glee,

Oh mother,
How my heart longs for thee,

Frozen I still
Hear her laughter,
See her head thrown back,
Honest-happiness she did not lack,

This love she taught,
Through bloody war,
For our protection,
she fought,

This I feel,
This I seek,
Her memory,
Her smiling face,
A caring touch,
She meant so much,

Celebrate her motherly honor,
Celebrate her life-color,

And I
As the
Hurt is



4 thoughts on “Inoubliable mien

  1. This is really nice. I hope you don’t mind some constructive crit. or maybe just a question. I know poetry doesn’t have to follow any rules but when I read “Did she fought,” it sort of stopped me. I’m wondering if something like “She fought” or “Did she fight” would be more effective. A friend of mine along time ago, reading some of my work, suggested that I employ more “soft rhymes” instead of “hard rhymes” or something like that…

    Don’t you hate constructive critics? 😉

    • 🙂 this is what I like! And why I always ask for replies and comments on my work!,, I appreciate it a lot. I will for sure look into it and reconstruct my wording in that sentence. Thank you so much! 🙂
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