the worried heart

Just a wifes thoughts

Lord as a wife
Have I failed to pray?
Have I failed to stand firm underneath my husbands arm,
Holding him up when he feels weak?
Have I failed to be a calming when he’s day has been stormy?
Have I failed to see he needs to be reminded how important he is to me when he doubts himself?

Lord as a wife have I wrongfully felt hurt when he only wanted to vent?
Lord as a wife have I been weak at times when I was suppose to be strong?
Dear Lord as a wife have I forgotten to lean on You instead of leaning on my own strength?

Lord make me a wife my husband needs,
Lord make me a mother to my children,
Lord make me a soothing river my husband can drink from,
Lord make me a strong praying wife,
Guide me Lord,
And heal my hurts,
Sooth my wounds,

Give me feet of steel,
So that I can stay strong underneath
His arm,
Lord give me wisdom,
And a ear that listens,

Lord please be the wife in me.

In Jesus name I pray

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