the worried heart

Please Daddy.

*child abuse*

Daddy got angry because I cried,
He shouted and send me to my room,
I cover my ears,
To shut out mommy’s screams,
I run and hide,

“I’m sorry I cried”
Sobbing I started to pray,
Please Lord help mommy,
Please Lord I’m really sorry,
Please Lord You have to hurry,

Deafening sounds of glass breaking,
My heart aching,
Please daddy!,
Please stop!,
Please don’t hurt my mommy,

I’ll be good I promise,
Please daddy,
Pleading I try to make him stop,
I fall and hit my head,
Daddy please stop, your hurting me,

I shut my eyes,
Bitter taste in my mouth,
Listening to mommy’s cries,
Please daddy, please stop,
My heart cries,

Silence falls,
Daddy left,
Thank you Lord for keeping mommy safe,
Don’t let daddy come back,
Onto darkness my happiness crept.

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