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(* Strong’s Concordance notes that the word translated “judge” in Matthew 7:1
can also mean “condemn.” What Christ was saying was that, as we are incapable of seeing a person’s heart or knowing his or her relationship with God, we are not to take the place of God in making judgments about someone’s motives or eternal salvation. And we should be humble, knowing our own weaknesses and sins.*)

How often have we made judgments based upon assumptions?

How often have we spread rumors based upon assumptions?

And how often have we been hurt because of assumption?

Assumption is such a common attribute in many of us lately.
Not even trying to approach someone and making the effort of asking, sharing or caring to listen.

We tend to think we know everything when in reality we are so wrong about another person. Often going through life thinking and sometimes feeling the wrong things.

And many times we make judgments based upon assumptions and this changing into rumors.

We don’t even try to communicate, ask, share or be honest.
All that matters is how you see it and how you feel!

Have you ever been wrong about someone?
I’m sure we all have made that mistake.

Speaking from experience. I know that there’s nothing that hurts more than someone close to you making these assumptions and not even bothering to tell you?

Generally we go through our day, we see and meet new people. Based upon what we see on the outside we make our judgment.

For example;
-1-someone might be well dressed and come across as being successful. But what we don’t see is their personal struggles, their broken family’s, their heartache or their loneliness.
Or what it took to become so successful and what they had to sacrifice.

-2- someone might be poorly dressed, their shoes worn, their eyes looking down. We assume they are dirty and that they don’t take care to dress properly. We assume they are ashamed and that’s why their eyes don’t meet ours.
What we don’t see is the richness in their hearts, that they don’t have a lot to give but they maybe taking care of family’s, parents.
They might even be the only bread winner in two family’s. And those worn shoes are their only pair!
They look down simply because what you think of them they can see in your eyes? That they are use to being judged?

*The mute conversationist*

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and you got that feeling that they are measuring you?
They don’t listen to a word during your conversation, their brains taking in all the wrong things.

This I call “the mute conversationist”
A person who starts the conversation but then hits the mute button and scales you up and down “judging”

They are often the ones talking behind others backs. Never telling the other person what they really think of them.
“assuming”. “judging”.

What builds relationships?
Being friendship, love or with colleagues.

:trust and

These build relation.
And tell me…….
How can you build your relationships based upon “your assumptions”
If you base your relation based upon these things it will never last!

I simply feel the need to state the following.

You are not invincible!
You are not always right!
You cannot see into another persons heart.

You don’t know everything!

So stop judging.
Stop gossiping!
Stop assuming…..

Stop! Stop! Stop!

All these things hurt others…
Sometimes even people we say we care about.
People your not suppose to be judging.

Only God can judge us.

And God can see into our hearts.
Each and every one of us.

So today:

Take a moment to make sure of the facts.
Take a moment to show you care.
Take a moment and look through God’s eyes.


3 thoughts on “Assumption

  1. pamela says:

    Its really one of your best work sis. I’m proud of u u really have a gift when it comes to your writing u have what dad had u write whatever u feel inside dad is looking down on u and smiling sis u are his cupes sis. I love u

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