ordinary people

The journey judged

The journey judged.


Why is it so normal for people to be so surprised when a soft hearted person changes?


When a person who use to tolerate and swallow things suddenly turns into a person with fierce fire?


Why is it ok for them to hurt and step on you and when you decide to side step and let them fall, they suddenly act as though they are so bruised?


Then its all about them and their new found pain? Pain they brought on themselves? Its always ok for others to do hurtful and damaging things and a poor attempt “I’m sorry” is suppose to “fix it”?


But when the “soft, forgiving” person gets fed up and decides not to be such a pitiful pile of used,bruised, they act surprised? Have they not yet seen or learned that your actions has consequences? That karma works in round wheel? That once you’ve broken someone down so badly its not repairable!


That when that person refuses to be subjected to any further mind games and manipulation, and their attempts to control is suddenly rendered useless,,they become verbally sick and can’t stop playing the poor victims?


They start acting like spoiled children and want their way,,,,their way is the only way?


Well I’m sorry its just not reality….


Once you’ve fallen and you get up the view is beautiful,,,


Hurt me, make me wiser,,make me wiser you make me stronger.


A life view of a friend and so much truth in it!…..


tomorrow’s will always arrive!

There will always be a sunset and a sunrise..


No one has the right to empower another human beings life and no one has the right to control another.


Today’s thought is a positive one because I’ve fallen and been in ashes I was able to rise with pride!


And now am able to face anything!


Own up to what you’ve done,,and stop blaming everyone else for your mistakes!…..


Forgiveness doesn’t always heal relationships but it sets us free,


May you all have a God blessed day..


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