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Life’s scraped knee’s

I’m sure all of us are familiar with a scraped knee. As youngster we use to fall and scrape our knees way to often to forget.

In adulthood our scraped knees turn inward and life tries to teach us important maturely lessons…

We sometimes learn a lesson and get up again and our scraped knee heals. As when we where young it sometimes took a few falls and a few scraped knees before we learned not to run without looking where we’re going, to listen when we where warned to watch where we’re going.

But as adults its as if we just don’t turn the page we keep playing our fall over and over again. We scratch open our healing scraped knee and refuse to learn the lesson. So life keeps repeating the fall keeps repeating the scraped knee until we one day have a break through and realize we need to change.

We all have been stuck on one page, have been falling in the same place and we all have asked ourselves
“why on earth does this keep happening to me?”

Most of the time we’ve been blind staring at the answer.
Just like when you where young and kept running down the stairs when mum has told you so many times not to and you keep falling down those same stairs because you just don’t listen.

Just the same in adulthood we keep making the same mistakes, wrong choices, poor judgment. Our scraped knee’s don’t heal because we don’t change. We don’t stop and think maybe we need to do things differently.

Sometimes things need to go wrong.

So that they can go right again.

Sometimes life needs to be cruel so that life can be kind.

So that when we stop and decide to change we can enjoy the view!

Believe me its beautiful at the top!

Especially after you get up and change your page.

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