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The myth of time travel.

A thought ruled by time can be expressed only in myth.”
–De Santillana

“Only time (whatever that may be) will tell.”
–Stephen Hawking

Why is it that modern society is so interested in the concept of building a time machine, therefore allowing an overlap of past, present, and future?

One answer could be our need to escape the rapid pace of modern time. To see how a reaction to social conceptions of time could place within the realm of mythology, we must look at the changing interpretations of time through history, and their representation in religion and story.

Have you ever wished you could clinb into some scientifically created machine. Travel back in time and meet your younger self?

Pour some knowledge and wisdom into her brain.

Tell her that life is not fair, that everybody’s not always good. Give her a heads up and keep yourself from making stupid mistakes.

Maybe even give her your bitch guide on how to tell when someone’s trying to sugar coat their lies.

If you could change the course of your path. Keep yourself from being hurt, used, stepped on. Tell your younger self to appreciate your parents more, to avoid wrong decisions.

But being realistic this isn’t possible!
And even if it was possible do we really want to change things which has taught us so much? Has given us wisdom. Things that has shaped us into the powerful beings we are today.

If we stopped all those things from happening. How then would we be able to give our children advice, help them, guide them?
Without wisdom.
Without experience.

Life teaches us these lessons in order to prepare us for our future.

If we aren’t mature enough we would not be able to handle our current everyday situations.

We would be ignorant to certain situations and we would not have the depth we have from learning the hard way.

We would inevitability make those mistakes even with time travel.

Because we would not know how to recognize the wrong choice.


Wisdom is taught through mistakes.

In conclusion,,,

I say we need to make mistakes and trust the wrong people, in order to grow.

We need pain,
Just as much as we need love…..

The one can’t be appreciated without the other.

Information on time travel:

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