Love found & lost

falling in love

*the scariest thought*

Most people have experience in loosing and having their heart broken. Most of the time its life preparing us and maturing us for things in our future. To be able to give our teenage daughters advice because we’ve had experience.

When you grow up facing a lot of trials, unfairness and first hand experiencing pain, you tend to stay closer to the side walk in order to protect yourself and not taking chances. You might even be kind of a hopeless romantic and harbor feelings and dreams of “that perfect guy”.

And when reality hands you a “normal” guy and showers you with ice cold buckets of the “real”, and you end up hurting anyway.

*WHat do you do?
*how does your heart react to feeling disappointment and pain?

You hide!
You close up and a part of you dies.
You mature in ways other young girls never do. You start to just “be” living a duplicate life of something you’ve seen when you where a child.

* Sad isn’t it?

That’s the cycle of life at times. They say what you grow up with you end up with?

Hopeless? No of course not!

From experience making mistakes, wrong choices, trusting the wrong people and not valuing yourself enough to simply demand more.

I’ve learned that life only hands you opportunities and you have a choice to improve it or be satisfied with less.

At a ripe age I learned the lesson I was suppose to learn.

It was hard to face the fact that most of the things that was done to me I simply excepted I didn’t voice my needs!

I didn’t do a thing! I just carried on.
True Love couldn’t find me because I wasn’t ready!

God entered my heart and instantly I felt “full”?…..
The empty feeling, the loneliness, the pain,,,, it simply wasn’t there,,
Because I let go…
Because I chose to love myself…
I chose to give “her” a chance…

And do I now know what “love” is?

Yes 🙂
Yes I do! Its a wonderful friendship which started with Jesus,,,

Falling in love is never easy and we do not get any return dates or guarantees.

Sometimes the ones we love hurt us, disappoint us, let us down….

But what we make with it is what counts.

Working things out doesn’t always heal the relationship sometimes the ship has sailed but then you pick up your heart heal it and move on!

Always remember though

God’s love is perfect their are no flaws! He’s love is never changing!
He’s love is ever faithful!

He adores us no matter what!

* what a wonderful thought*

God is our protector and sometimes removes people from our lives that isn’t good for us. He sees what we can’t.

All we need to do is trust in Him.

* after thought*

Today I woke up feeling gloomy but as the Lord’s beautiful sunrise lit up my room I realized I don’t always need to have an answer,,I don’t always need to know,,,

I need to believe.

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