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Dal tesoro di cagna


**From sweetheart to bitch**

*why some woman are outspoken

*why do sweet, soft spoken woman change?

*what changes us?

Somewhere during your journey to womanhood you forgot to “bite your tongue”
You forgot what it was like to be vulnerable,
You forgot to be “soft spoken”

Somewhere down the road you lost a part of that little girl that daddy use to love,
You don’t play nice with others anymore,
Your outspoken and need to feel in control…..
Most of the time,

Gone is that naïve little girl that thought the world was filled with goodness,

No one looks past this. Most of them label you as “cagna”. No one seeks the truth behind the curtain. They assume this is who you are.

They don’t see the path you had to walk,
The hills you had to climb,
The verbal abuse you had to take,
The destruction it took that finally made you the person you are today.

They assume, judge and that’s when you “don’t bite your tongue”.
No, you give them what they want.
Your intelligent answers, your cold comebacks, your cold stares.

You pull up your vail and cover your scares.

Most of us change because we simply have to.
For some it took pain and disappointment,
For some its a protection glove,
For others that’s how we survive this male dominant world because we’ve been hurt, used, abused and stepped on……

But never not once,
For a second think were not hurting,
Because most of us are.

At times we long to be “sweet, naïve and soft again”.

The positive side.

Is it wrong to have become stronger?
Were survivors,
We walk tall,
We walk with pride!

We have fought through difficulty’s, trials, hard times, pain………

So is being a “cagna” such a bad thing?
No, I don’t think so.
Cause for some of us…..
We know when to let her out.
And we know when to be who we need to be.
Those close to us know the person behind the curtain.

I am a woman of stature, strength, and proud to be “me”.

Here’s to all the mothers, sisters, daughters and wives…

We are women!


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