everyday hero's

A Mothers tears.

*translated from afrikaans to English*
Written by: Bernadette Du Toit.

For mom.
RIP: 1954-2013

Knelt in prayer,
That God would be their savior,
Call upon God each child by name,
While tears softly her face frame,

Plead with Jesus,
That deep in their hearts He sees,
To keep them safe as her children leaves,
Even though her heart is bruised,

Her tears land safely,
On bible pages,
Does no one see her tears?
As she worships and praise through sorrow fountains,

Jesus sees each one,
This precious woman to them He gave,
He sees a mothers sorrow,
Safely He catches her tears,
In the book of life,
Each one he frames,

Each one given a name,

God’s iris flower,
Picked, given to her children,
On Jesus shoulder she rests,
Knees chafing,
As she tries to teach
Them of His love,

A mothers love,
Faithful and yielding,
A mothers tears,
As she weeps for her children.

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