when my tears are never ending,
And I’m lost in darkness,
When my loved ones fail me,
And I’m feeling despondent,
YOUr love is ever constant,

When my soul is like the raging seas,
And my heart cries out in misery,
When my troubles are to much to carry,
And my burdens cripple me,
YOUr love guides me and sets me free,

When good intentions are twisted,
And all my dreams are mocked,
When I’m down and crushed,
And the world turns its back on me,
YOUr presence fills me Lord and picks me up,

When I’m misunderstood and I cry alone,
And my feet are heavy,
When my soul cries out at night,
And There’s no sunset insight,
YOUr light guides me dear Lord,

When my path is thorned and overgrown,
And my strength is gone,
When my doubts over cloud my soul,
And fear attacks me,
YOU place me by the cross of Calvary,

Where Your blood was shed for me,
Your light shines bright,
Through the darkest of night,
Crushes fear,
And dries every tear,

Your holy spirit fills me,
Warms a lonely, cold heart,
Wash us Lord Jesus,
Fill us and make us whole.

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Light in the darkness


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