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Lonely moonlight serenade

Lonely moonlight serenade.
Starlight, star bright,
Lonely mine eyes,
Look upon beautiful moonlight,
Shimmering upon riversight,

Seeking eagerly awaiting thy pressence,
Sounds of night quiet,
As I wait upon footsteps of thee,
In twined for the sweet face of my love,
With my eagerness patience into the night has flee,

Starlight, star bright,
Painfully mine heart,
Is tearing apart,
For thine elders pull us apart,

In darkness of night,
Again shall I wait until dreaded sunlight,
Longing for thine sweet voice,
Thy sweet laughter,

But alas my love,
All is quiet and thine footsteps are lost,
Thy sweet love is lost for thee I am captive,
Captive to darkness of starlit night,

Captive my love,
If thee still living,
If thee still waiting,
My love,
Forever shall I be waiting.

Copyright: holder
Bernadette du toit

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