Called by God

Sam Childers a man with a vision. A man called by God for a cause so huge it leaves you in awe. Originally from Pennsylvania America Sam walked a path not so different from a lot of youngters but he’s story has a wonderful twist to it. He was a troubled teen and always use to get into trouble. He later became a armed guard (shotgunner) for drugdealers. He later met Lynn who became he’s wife.

As time progressed he started to distance himself from his former life meanwhile he’s wife started going to church again. He got work at a construction company and their life prospered despite he’s continued drug and alcohol abuse. Sam began to re-establish his relationship with God and began a life as a Christian.

Their lives began to prosper and soon Lynn gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Sam started his own construction company and upon his preacher who urged him to join a mission program to help repair huts damaged in conflict.

In 1998 Sam went to the village of Yei in Southern Sudan. They where in the midst of second sudanese war and Sam witnessed a child been blown up by a landmine. He pledged to God to do whatever he could to help the people of Sudan.

He returned several months later and Sam received a message from God that he was to build a orphanage for the children. In the village of Nimule.

The lord’s ressistance army (LRA) militia, had kidnapped and murdered 30 000 children and had murdered hundreds of thousands of villagers.

God wanted Sam to help these children. Although the local people thought him to be mad. Sam did as God said. He build an orphanage.

Since 1998 Sam Childers has been helping thousands of children torn apart as a result of the LRA’s actions.
To this day he keeps fighting to protect them.

Called by God.
Written by Bernadette Du Toit
Information and photos collected–http://www.machinegunpreacher.org/

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