The road we travel.

Yes life. The beautiful thing we live each day.
Sometimes knocks us around pushes so hard that you crumble. That every muscle in your body wants to tear.

You keep pushing back and move forward. Telling yourself that tomorrow will be better but tomorrow arrives with its new challenges. New problems. New obstacles.
And again you push back. You move forward jumping over hurdles, climbing mountains, avoiding potholes.
Yet somehow you still need an umbrella to go outside because it aint just raining. No! Its pouring!

And again new problems on top of the old ones. Your load gets so heavy to carry that you begin leaning forward . You start to feel your knees weaken. Your faith in sunshine fading. Your thunderstorm darkening.

And eventually.
You break! Crack! You give in. Your knees bent, head hanging and still its pouring.
Your fight has left you. No more pushing back. And you don’t even bother using an umbrella.
“let it rain! ”
“let it pour!”
“I just don’t care anymore!”

Broken, shaken,worn down.
Angry, hurt.
And just so angry!

You don’t get up this time. You don’t move. You accept defeat.

Yet the quiestion arrives.
You can’t go back.
There’s no turning back.
You can’t go left.
You can’t go right.
And you sure can’t stay lying down in one place. Parked on “feel sorry for my self avenue”

You don’t have a choice!
The road you travel on is not that kind of road you can make a u turn on.
You can’t make a right.
You can’t make a left.
This road only leads one place.

The only way you get yourself to get up and go is knowing that you are blocking traffic. Things can’t move for you if you stay in one place.
Things like opportunity and prosperity only move when you do.

They only happen wen you let go of yesterday’s pushing and shoving.

The road we travel is a road only traveled once.
No turning back.
No stopping.
The road called life.IMG_20130926_0065927


the road we travel


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