heavenly gifts

Do they have price tags?

*John 3 verse 16*

Have you ever wondered what the real purpose of life is?
What the essence of happiness is?
If we where meant to pursue success and stature or love and happiness, or where we meant to struggle through everyday constantly wondering if we are pleasing our higher purpose. Or pondering helplessly in the wrong direction.

Studying our lives what do we see? Are we the lucky ones lucky enough to have someone to love, to hold, to live for?

Or are we forced to realise that the ladder to success are our only friends?
That you are living for something you can’t hold, can’t cuddle.
Your designer clothes and stature has become the centre of it all.
And lonely nights, silence are the future.
No one will visit you in an old age home, no little ones to bounce on your knee.

When I’m alone and I ponder about my life.
I realise that love is the fuel we need to survive.
The reason to smile to find value in something priceless.

How wonderful and undescribably awesome it is to know one person can create such a blessed, warm, pleasant feeling. When they smile and you know that you’re the reason.

No money can measure up to love. The one thing we can’t put a price tag on. The one thing you don’t get because you’ve got a degree or your some hot shot C.E.O of a company.

You don’t need any of these things.
You don’t need a fancy house, expensive car for love to find you.

Love doesn’t stop to see if your credentials fit.

It chooses you and the moment your heart is given you have no control, no choice, its done.

Love can turn any selfish, self centred, cold hearted person into someone whom starts to share by sharing their lives.

Someone who makes decisions with no “me” or “I” in it anymore but “we” and “us”.
Love transforms us and changes the way you think, talk and act.
Suddenly christmas isn’t seen as a money making holiday but another chance to show we care.
Suddenly your transformed into a person who would gladly take a bullet for another. You would do just about anything to see the one you love smile.

Now I’ve got you smiling thinking about your feelings for your spouse, fiance or partner, your children, your parents…..

Now ask yourself where does love come from?
Where did it start?

My thoughts?

We where created to care,
To live life,
To give…..

Without love we have nothing……

Love started with God!
He gave His ONLY son so that we could be saved!….
Jesus started “Love” He died so that we may be free!

God gave us a heavenly gift,
He gave us an ability.

A gift so precious it has many, many forms, shapes and sizes.

“The best things in life are free”
Exactly! God given gifts.
We just need to receive.
Receive by giving.
By believing.
By cherishing.
By being thankful everyday.
Not giving up, never quitting.
By celebrating life each day and loving each other and ourselves unconditionally.

Copyright: holder
Bernadette Du Toit


heavenly gifts


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